We hit the road and drove to our partner in crime Phil Sicko (from the famous PORN TO HULA, DEALER, DEADZIBEL posse), who runs the KAPU studio in Linz. Back in the wild days (ca. 1989) Olli + I experienced our 1st HC show ever (ACCUSED and STAND TO FALL) in this holy house. So it’s always very, very good to be back. We recorded bass, drums and pilot guitar in 2,5 days. Plus amp tuning, sound checking, beer drinking and cooking in the cosy KAPU band room. We didn’t sleep that much. We played our tunes a bit faster during the session. Nearly gig speed. Sounds perfectly live and raw.

Some weeks later I drove down to the steel city and sang my songs. This time totally relaxed, without the „usual“ troubles. Spitting, roaring, howling, flying high on adrenalin and muchos coffee. Pizza dinner afterwards. 10 hits. And one miss cause Phil deleted my signal. So encore une fois on our way to the suppa duppa REFLECTOR party.

Then Phil sent us some mixes via dropbox. We listened carefully. Sent back e-mails. Then we get the next mixes. Repeat, fast forward.

Finally ATROPOS is born. Once again an ugly boy. Enjoy it soon!