Split w/27

1. Grubenhund
2. Road Movie
3. Rob
4. Somethings wrong with the world today
5. Lainzer Tiergarten
6. Exitement is a girl

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GRUBENHUND: I danced with the devil in the moonlight, and I tickled his nuts. Arlbergtunnel 78. Stollenvortrieb. The pit men are on Boney M. and spirit. Work shapes me, like chisel carves stone. Industrial accident underground: The miner devours his comrades severed finger tip. Gulps it down with fire water. Der Herr hat`s gegeben, der Herr hat`s genommen. Pit dog after work coma drinking: We own this whole fuckin bodega. Miners Menu: Ein Teller voll Rotz, Kotze und Tränen. If you draw the ace, you ‘ll have to wolf it down all.

ROAD MOVIE: We hit the road in Frisco. Life on the passing lane. I fuel my engine with your love. Killers are always on the run. Tequila corrodes down my throat in Vegas. I lick salt from your armpit. Maximum security prison. Arizona desert. We shoot all intruders. Pick up no hitch hikers. Restricted area. The sun is burning in the valley of death and I`m horny as hell. And it`s time to fuck. As we come, the mermaids sing and the icecaps melt. United States, land of the free. America, land of the free.

ROB: I like your accent. Maybe, I`ll mop the floor with you. I come from the big white north. Are you looking for trouble? Boom, Boom. Explosions  in my head. I drink too much. I`ll give you a hard time.

SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD TODAY: British tactical aircraft goes down in American “friendly” fire. Thank you Mr. Bush. “Men are like sewingmachines. Just one short stitch.” Russian, lesbian pop starlet speaks. Pensionsreform. Nulldefizit. Den Gürtel enger schnallen. Herr Schüssel, I just don`t like your face. God exists. He has no scruple. I don`t believe. So I haven’t got a hope. Free enterprise economy dictates the partyline. Fuck Austrian politics.

LAINZER TIERGARTEN: Reichsbrücken Untermenschen Loveparade. Scooter is stammering incoherent. I hate you with all my heart. Flies lay eggs into heap of shit. Pain junkie. Kindle flesh. SM walrus. Chain implants. Fuck everything that moves. Subwaytrain revelations: Jesus siegt immer. Sing Halleluja. Bag man fucked up infront of liquor store. Eyes bleeding. No one cares. This town drags you down. I`m a lonesome hilly-billy far away from home.

EXCITEMENT IS A GIRL: She smells so good. She tastes so sweet. Love is a drug. I`m addicted to her kiss. Her body is sacred. I`m her ministrant. Her embrace is like the wintersun. She warms me up, she gives me hope. We are little yellow- eyed penguins: Antisocial, we can only breed when we`re left alone. I`m lonely. She`s the girl of my dreams.

ÜBERSTUNDENPAUSCHALE: I serve my master. I believe in capitalism. I sing the firm hymn. I get a hard one. I`m effective and successful. I stick at nothing. I work until midnight. I cry at my office. I drink myself unconsciousness. I`m mean to myself. I bully my coworkers. I stab you in the back. I cut down your job. I wank at your distress. I sacrifice my first born. To the combine. I live the lie.