Sexy Bugette

 Pmk Flyer 666


 Vienna Werk


 ATROPOS Edition "Dirty old man"


 ATROPOS Edition "Normal"

 "we are cutties" back in 2012 Upper Austria


"Lebensmensch" – by E M B



"Jesus wept" – by E M B

"Britney" – by E M B

"Atropos" – by E M B

"Soldier-Angel" – by Batty

"Shaman" – by Batty

BUG Live

"Bug are mean, not fitting in any frame" – broken violence

BUG Live

"This song says: don't even think of trying to fuck with me, because you'll be stone cold dead a second after."– Cracked

"Bug Record Monster" by Daniel Katzenpost

"Kufstein mon amore" by Flo


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